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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 20, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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on the short list for vice president. we will have all that and more coming up this week on hannity. let not your heart be troubled. >> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> if that wasn't a great way to start the day. >> i am heather nauert. it is june the 20th. thank you for being with us and watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time now for your five at five. we begin with a fox news alert. must be b mubarak on life support after suffering a stroke. the 84-year-old has beens transferred. he was clin kically dead but
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quickly revived saying he's being kept alive with a respirator. there is unrest over who will succeed him a. runoff election with the former prime minister and candidate with muslim brotherhood claiming victory. back stan pastoring what it considers an important leader of al qaeda. he was raised during an operation near the pakistan and iranian border. the french national is believed to have had links with militants in europe. reports say he may have had a role in the 9-11 attacks here. an explosion rocking a national hotel late last night. brand new video of the scene moments after the blast. (alarm sounding) >> are you okay? any one hurt? >> de preall over the floor at the ap preland hotel. the blast happening in a mechanical room at the
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convention center. more than 5,000 people at the hotel were forced out. there was a sheriff's conference taking place at the time. >> first it was columbia. now folks are preparing secrete service set to animal house. (chanting) >> we all remember that one. residents of martha's vineyard telling fox news the normally quiet vacation spot turned into a party mecca when the obama family vacationed there last summer. they say the secret service agents through loud parties at the $4 million home that prompted one neighbor to call local police. one agent is accused of get this, leading his badge and a list of secret service emergency contacts at a bar. the secret service denies ever getting any complaints. taking off from cape canaver canaveral. a national defense satellite.
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launch time 6:28. weather will not be an issue. it was supposed to take off on monday but the mission was scrubbed because of a problem on the flat form. >> those are your 5@5:00. >> it may be too late for eric holder. it is being planned today against him. this was after he failed to turnover the critical fast and furious documents. doug luzader is live in washington with details. changes hour by hour. what is going on today? >> it does. you can't rule anything out at this point. the congress on one side the justice department on the other. eric holder could face a committee vote today to hold him in contempt of congress. in a lot of ways it is one of the classic washington questions who knew what when about the fast and furious program. that was the atf program that intentionally allowed guns to cross into mexico in order to track things later.
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one was killed to use border control agents. they offered up documents that they repeatedly sought for months. only a tiny fraction of them but one big condition. on the condition they would resolve the pet tina question. the subpoena would have been sent to us. >> that is not good enough for the republican appointment on the investigation. darrel issa who appeared last night with greta van susteren. >> for refusal to deliver documents relative to a subpoena we have no doubt -- no choice but to hold them in contempt. we want the documents. his family would like the documents responsive to how in fact their son was gunned down with weapons that came from lawful dearlies but at the
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behest of the justice department. >> they could hold a contempt vote today one step closer to a full house vote that would place him in contempt of congress. in the meantime the department of justice is conducting its own internal investigation into fast and furious. we could see the results of that maybe as soon as next month. >> thanks a lot. there is a lot of reaction coming between the meeting tweener rick holder and derrick issa >> ever given an explanation as to why he can't supply the subpoena and look at the documents. sometimes it doesn't work out. documents can be ex an ined in clothed rooms where leaks don't happen. this says stone wall and it smells a confer june. >> president obama's press conference at the close of g 20
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summit is big talker this morning. he is discussing the debt crisis and the steps being meth-- met that crisis. >> european leaders have made it clear they understand the stakes and they pledge the to take the actions needed for stability and growth. let me be more specific. they choreographed the seriousness and are moving forward with a heightened sense of urgency. i welcome the important steps they have already taken to promote growth. financial stability and fiscal responsibility. i am pleased they said they will safeguard the stability of the euro zone to improve the functioning of the financial markets. >> bill o'reilly wasn't impressed by the president's words saying he's offended bhiez
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statements. this really off fends me. i am trying to listen to barack obama speaking to the world make some sense. he doesn't make any sense. he reiterates what has been said a thousand times we have a pathway here they know the urgency there. if you and me are in a college classroom we are like this. we are not learning anything. he's not going honest and i am really recerecent tive. president obama taking a shot at mitt romney. we will have those comments for you later in the show. we will also hear from mitt romney on specific plans he has for the economy. stocks moving hire today. stimulus by the federal reserve that could give us a boost to the economy. >> good morning.
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what would those potential stimulus plan look like. >> we have a great expectations rally going on. we were up 95 points on the dow 90 percent of stocks yesterday. they were stimulating and boosting the stalling economy. what would they do? there's not much they can do because they have done so much already. >> this would be the 6 th round of stimulus. >> they could do further bond buying which would be the 5th or 6th round. fancy terms for twisting the yield to bring dloung term interest rates even lower for longer. none of this is going to do that much it hasn't done that much already. we will keep interest rates to 0 past 2014. >> interest rates aside a lot of folks wondering would what they do add to the national debt which is already $15 trillion. >> they could definitely. it splafks tors want to rale --
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investors want to rally. >> lauren simonetti thank you so much. that meeting taking place today. >> we are following your dpooirgs weather update with maria molina. she has more on the heat wave. good to see you this morning. happy birthday summer finally officially kicking it off across the lower 48. we are looking at conditions that will feel like summer across the atlantic and across the u.s. we could be looking at record setting high temperatures this afternoon. when you tack fotore in the humidity it feels even hotter. first very strong storms that are currently rolling across portions of the north central u.s. dakotas minnesotas and we have had reports of flash flooding across this region. you can see heavy vain coming down
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-- rain coming down. we could be seeing large hail and damaging winds across nebraska. grab the umbrella stay alert if any severe weather warnings are issued across the area. southward south florida will be dealing with a lot of heavy rain not just today but over the next several days. we are expecting several inches of rain across parts of south florida. as we head through the afternoon hours severe storms firing up across wisconsin, iowa large hail and damaging winds being the main concern. the other big story 96 the high temperature in cleveland and 96 in chicago. the other big concern when you factor in the humidity we could be seeing heat index values near or in excess of 100 degrees. a number of heat advisories and
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warnings are in effect across the u.s. and inengland. >> we can deal with that. i was talking to family members of chicago it has been north of 90 degrees for almost two weeks now. it is now 11 minutes after the hour even highway chases are much bigger in texas. we will show you how this drama ended coming up. alec baldwin losing his temper yet again. this time taking a swipe at a photographer. this gets crazeyer than this. front page of one of the papers today. >> a quick look at your prices at the pump. national average $3.49 a gallon.
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>> it is 15 minutes after the hour. image going on the texas highway and seeing the big rig drive right by you. it went 53 miles before he pulled over. he lart admitted he stole it from a convenience store parking lot. 53 miles. >> house niernity leader nancy pelosi pledging to drain congress when she was house speeshg. she has a short memory. ooed dressing sm addressing chae for the working people. mitt romney and his wife ann sat down with sean hannity last night. romney listened to specific
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plans that he has to turn the economy around. >> number one get rid of obama care. it saves $100 billion a year to get rid of it. number two, get rid of other programs we like but we can't borrow money to pay for them. we eliminate programs number two take other programs that are helpful that we do like but none the less can be run more efficiently at the state level cap their growth at the rate of inflation medicaid inflation plus one percent you do that you save another $100 billion as year plus by growing these problems at the rate of inflation finally you reduce the number of federal employees with attrition over time. you do those things and by 8-10 years america has a balanced budget. then you start generating the kind of returns to allow us to
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start paying down the debt. >> ann romney telling hannity what she is hearing from voters on the campaign trail. romney wrapping up this battle ground bus tour in michigan yesterday. 17 minutes after the hour. it's time for you to brew on this. first there were red light cameras and now speed cameras. >> could be coming to a city near you. >> the idea is being floated around here in new york city. it would allow lawmakers to install 40 cameras around town in order to catch speederings in the act. under the proposal drivers going 10 miles ore the speed limit would get $50 fine those going 30 over would be charged 100 bucks. >> lots of places looking for ways to raise money. some people saying big brother but on the right side a speed camera citation would not add points to your life. similar cameras have been
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insta installed. among them washington, d.c. traffic fatalities have fallen. they are not sure if the speed cameras are the reason for that. they are nothing but helping government milk taxpayers for more money. are these speed cameras necessary or a new sense for drivers? send us your comments. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail fox friend it is 18 minutes after the hour. passengers say it was four-hours of hell. they were tossed around in a cabin. we will tell you what went wrong on this latest incidence of turbulence in the skies. >> disgrace. hecklers caught on camera trying to drown out children sipping "god bless the usa."
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>> here is a look at jay leno. >> president obama really worked. you see the issue you see how he got down to that. show the plane. look at that. air force one.
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>> a military judge telling major nadal hassan he can't attend the hearing or up coming trial unless he shaves. hassan's attorney claims it is an expression of his faith. they are calling it the flight from hell.
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jetblue passengers speaking out after a mechanical failure sent their plane tossing and turning in the skies for more than 4 hours. it happened on a flight in las vegas. the plane did land safely. fox news is taking a look at leaving the country for four years. look at president obama and his leadership trial. ed henry joining us now with more. what i like about him so much he listens to me so little. >> he likes to boast about how much he ignores his advice on the issues of the auto bailout. >> people in michigan weren't even in favor of the intervention and it would not be a politically popular decision. he said i know you are right but if we don't do anything we will see a million jobs go away. axle rod painting him as someone
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who goes against the grain while highlighting mitt romney opposed the bail jut. >> you don't want people who is reaching for the polls or second-guessing themselves or wondering about the political cal cue louse when there is something on the line. >> the president leaves too many details to lawmakers. it back fired with monstrous stimulus and healthcare bills. >> he has not been engaged as other presidents have. >> axle rod says he does get his hands dirty with a dramatic win on healthcare. >> leadership is making decisions that are sometimes difficult and fraught with personal risks. >> ed rendell endorsed hillary clinton in 08. a book nation of wouldn't says gives him guts during the campaign battle.
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>> he is truly not a wuss. >> avenue a number of things. since involved he was slow to the mark. he eventually did come out for a solution when he and john bay more came this clo-- boehner ca to the deal. the president had rushed to embrace the medicine democrats would have fled over title cuts republicans would have run away because of tax increases. the president is vulnerable but hasn't come close to doing so. be sure to watch tomorrow we will continue the series with a look at mitt romney's leadership tria style. >> it is 25 minutes after the hour. this is a story everyone is talking about this morning. look at the front page of the papers alec baldwin unleashing his fury on a photographer.
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wait until you hear what he did next. hecklers trying to drown out these children singing "god bless the usa." who does that? first on this day in history 1975 the movie "jaws"" was released unleashing decades of terror in the water for many of us.
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>> good morning everyone. first day of summer. how about that. don't you love to see it. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. a>> now for your top five stories. in contempt of congress over the fast and furious debacle now moves forward later this morning. this after a failed meeting with house oversight committee chairman darrel issa. he said he would postpone the vote if he handed over more documents but holder refusing to do so saying the justice department has already done enough. >> he said in the meeting if we go forward with contempt we get no cooperation from that time forward. on the other hand he said if we
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take a briefing we have to close the case. we are between a rock and a hard spot. >> we have made today available an unprecedented number of documents. the ball is in their court they rejected what i thought was extraordinary alibi. if it pass it is will be the 4th citation against the executive branch in 30 years. we will follow that through out the day. >> frantic phone call rodney king's fiancee 911 moments before finding him at the bottom of the swimming pool. >> he is not moving. >> he's at the bottom of the swimming pool. i don't know, i don't swim. oo i was sleeping for felt something fall like a table >> tough to listen to. police found no signs of foul
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play. they are awaiting toxicology results. >> julian assange is seeking asylum in ecuador. he is at the embassy in london. he is trying to avoid extradition to sweden. ecuador is an unlikely place of a computer hacker. 1-3 people have access to the internet. a grown man heckling children? we told but a rally in new york where students joined republican congress bob turner to sing god bless the usa. what we didn't see this guy. ♪ >> you see him on the left-hand side of the screen. rally held it in coney island. protests them to cut patriotic
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songs in a kind guard ten ceremony. the students kept on singing. twilight star kristen stewart topping forbes list as the highest paid actresses. she made 24 and a half million dollars in one year line. right behind her the number two spot cameron diaz 24 million and sandra bullock 25 million. i don't see i have ever seen a kristen stewart movie. >> 22 years old. you got to watch the twilight movies. >> president obama a chance to hold the news conferences taking swipes at mitt romney. taking a swipe is pe. >> l. hubbard the publication. hubbard is a romney advisor and dean of the columbia business school. he wrote when the president's policy is to trust germany to
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strengthen the weaker countries of the euro zone these recommendations are not only unwise they reveal ignorance of the causes of the crisis and of the growth trend in the future. president obama doesn't think that's good advice. >> we have one president at a time and one administration at a time. i think traditionally the notion has been that america, political differences end at the edge. there is a desire to super impose those on to a complicated situation in europe. while president obama was flying last night from mexico to dc, hannity aired an interview with mitt romney who tied the president's comments about the private sector doing fine to the outlook on europe.
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>> we need to give more money to government as he said. that's the wrong direction to america. giving more power and money to government is what got europe in the trouble it is in. i would take us in a different direction help the vooif vat sector throw agrow and thrive. >> in mexico president obama would ask if he thinks he will lose in november if the european economy is sluggish. that is not as big a concern as creating jobs is. let's take you to a fox news alert. you are looking at live pictures. a military hospital this in cairo, egypt. that is where mubarak is on life support after having a stroke in prison. all of this a new chapter as unrest unfolds there. joining us from jerusalem is con lower powel-- connor powell.
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this adding to a lot of uncertainty going on in that country. what is the latest? good morning. since he was convicted and sentenced to life a few weeks ago there have congs stant reports about his failing health. in the last few hours he has been quoted as debt and alive. television reported he is clinically dead. that report -- the latest report is that he is in critical condition after suffering a cardiac rays or a stroke. there are not a lot of official details but a lot of rumors floating around egypt and cairo right now. the larger uncertainty in egypt is about the overall future of the revolution and transition over the weekend. the two candidates for the final round of the presidency took off. the candidate declared shichl the victor. they are supposed to find out
2:37 am
the official results tomorrow. there is a lot of confusion with the report of the death. there is a decree limiting the powers of the presidency for who ever the new president will be. there's a lot of tepgs and concern floating around involved in egypt about where the revolution is going and about what hthis former dictator how long he has to live right now, heather. colon powell. oh>> before you leave the house this morning you need to get prepared as far as the weather is concerned. we have maria molina to help us o out. >> good to see you. if you live anywhere across the northeast make sure you do not put a sweater on today. put shorts on and lose fitting light colored clothing. we are seeing what will be a heat wave with temperatures well above average possibly setting records. it will also be very humid. when you factor that in we are talking heat index values
2:38 am
anywhere between 100 and 110 degrees across cities like boston new york city philadelphia even across the dc area. when you start to look at these kind of heat indices it can get dangerous out there. we have a number of heat advisories and excessive eat warni -- heat warnings. you are looking at the heat index values well over 100 degrees. dangerous levels of heat across the region. otherwise actual temperatures 96 the high this afternoon in new york city. 93 over the city of cleveland. rale leigh looking at hot temperatures high of 92. at least through friday. tomorrow 99 could be the high temperature in new york city. cleveland we are expecting high temperature of 93 degrees. out west where we are having strong storms through north central we will be seeing more
2:39 am
of that today across wisconsin and into parts of iowa. some of these storms are producing flash flooding. minneapolis under a flash flood watch. we also have a flash flood emergency going on with parts of the interstate 45 shutting down. be careful everyone. that is in duluth in northeastern parts of minnesota. a lot going on out there. alec baldwin is the focus on a criminal investigation after allegedly attacking this photographer from the new york daily use. marcos santos you see him on the right filed an assault complaint with police in new york city. he claims the actor's punch left him with pain in the chin a headache and dizziness. he went ballistic after leaving the marriage license bureau on wednesday. he was spotted using a white sheet to shield his face as he
2:40 am
walked through the city. baldwin says his actions against the photographer were in self defense. this was not surprising. this was his furred explosion against a photographer since 1995. remember this he was kicked off a flight after refusing to turn off his cell phone. >> now it is time for your starting lineup. sports stories making headlines at this hour lebron james one win away from his first nba title. beating the thunder 104-98. no team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals. the heat can close it out tomorrow night in miami. >> our stage manager is there. it is over. the braves beat the bombers 4-3. the yankees haven't won 11 straight since 1985. eli manning serving up touchdown
2:41 am
passes and does coffee and doughnuts, too. he worked behind the counter at the store in new jersey. the giant's quarterback will appear in a series of adings for the company over the next few months. it is now 20 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up a hacker could have your credit card information. he says he's hacking his way into nearly 80 different banks. what you need to know coming up next. are speed cameras necessary or a new sense for drivers? we will read your e-mails and tweets. that's coming up next. 41 minutes after the hour.
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>> dpood mornin good morning.
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45 minutes after the hour. that country worked with the united states to balance the so-called flamed computer virus. it is says to have collected critical intelligence information from iran in an attempt to slow the development of nuclear weapons. to cuba. fidel castro is writing an editorial about the downward dog in cuba state run newspaper. some say his mental state is declining it is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. a hacker could have all of your information. a hacker claiming to have broken into dozens of bank networks released a file that appears to contain data from 1700 visa and master card accounts. he penetrated over 79 large banks. i have been targeting the banks
2:46 am
for three months. i didn't hack visa and master cards i hacked the banks. goes by jeremy. released text file of some of the data he claims he has stoenl enough to prove he wasn't kidding. several readers e-mailed the site to prove the data has been previously posted to another hacker's site. he said before that it was posted yet on another site. the data may have been recycled. as in the case of many it is unclear who stole the data or where it came from. in the meantime ainsley consumers take some precautions by calling their banks to see if they were affected updating the browser and browser security softwa
2:47 am
software. >> earlier in the show we asked you to brew on this. new york city is considering installing cameras to catch the speeding drivers in the act. we wanted to know if you think the speed cameras are a nuisance or if they are necessary for drivers. >> speed cameras are all about extorting revenue of unsuspecting drivers and have little to do with safety. i think they are useful you have to obey the laws you don't have to worry about getting caught. michael said i think it is necessary as long as it's the only thing it is used for. thanks to everyone who responded. >> the five things a divorce lawyer will not el tell you. our guests are coming up next with tips. >> move over prebristol. another reality star.
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>> good morning. it is 9 minutes before the hour. take a look at the surveillance video shows a tsa agent caught
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grabbing the currency of supervisor while going through security. she was annoy withed her own inclusive pat down and demonstrating how she was touched. more on that later. >> todd palin set to star in ra a reality show. stars earn stripes. it pairs celebrities with soldiers and puts them through missions inspired real life military exercises. it premiers in august. >> thanks, heather. it might be hard to trust someone if you are already in a midst of a divorce. why do you need to keep your guard up with your own divorce attorney? joining us now is author of this book the premarital planner. vic t vicky thank you for being with us. you are telling us five things a divorce attorney will not tell you. you will pay more than the advertised rate.
2:53 am
>> they are advertising 299 for a quick and easy divorce. you need to read the fine print. most people can't get divorced for $299. a complaint even if you settle costs about 250. you have to know what's on the allah part m-- allah cart menu. you have to ask the question what are all of my costs going to be court filing fees and additional time from the staff. >> my lack of fiscal know how will cost you. >> they don't have the finance background so it is important for people to come together. if it is capital gains if it relates to real estate you want to make sure you get certified financial divorce expert. you want to make sure if you have enough money that will be divided you want a team of experts. don't just rely on a divorce attorney for those questions.
2:54 am
>> make promises kaunt keep. that is unethical to guarantee a settlement for them to come into an office and say i guarantee you are getting x amount of child support. you can say there's a likely probability that your facts would allow you to get this. if you walk into an attorney's office and say i am going to guarantee this you start running you don't walk out of that office. >> it's the judge's decision. you may not even need me. >> what is happening? there is mediation, arbitration. there's a new way people are trying to get divorced in the bad economy. one person can hire the one mediator both parties can pay for. they can share the costs. it's an unbiassed third party often an attorney or retired judge. as long as you both on the same level playing field and you both know where the financial assets are and you are not fighting about that much.
2:55 am
>> you do more mediations? >> we are doing a lot more mediations. i like it. it is less acrimonious. you are not rushed in the core system. i love the process. >> number 5, i don't have time for you. >> everybody wants their divorce attorney to a lot of time for them. you don't want them to charge you too much but want to be taken care of. divorce rates are spiking people are having leaner and leaner offices. the staff isn't there like it used to be so all of a sudden you are not getting the calls returned and paperwork filed on time. that's a big problem. you need to know exactly how much time your attorney is going to dedicate to you. is there backup? otherwise you could be left in the lynch we don't want to see people having that problem. >> thank you so much. it is five minutes to the top of the hour. drinking and driving also applying to scooters. it is part of the good, the bad and the ugly. then it's your word of the day
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>> good morning, it's now 2 minutes before the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. the good, anxiety. researchers in new york finding the right amount of anxiety can actually help you perform important tasks better. now the bad, mcdonald's scoring the lowest in customer satisfaction. this according to the american consumer satisfaction index. it ranked last among full service fast food chains and finally, the ugly. this michigan man arrested for driving a motorized wheelchair drunk. police say the 55-year-old ray koulma stole it from a senior living complex. he got in a fight with a friend and took the wheelchair and got away. that's really ugly, isn't it? >> what in the world? >> it's time to get scrambled


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